Our Love Affair with Chips

We started with a simple goal, to make the best chips in the world -- chips we can fall in love with. We started with the best ingredients -- the best locally grown potatoes, the purest sunflower oil, and 100% real seasonings and spices. We then built a state of the art kitchen where we cook our chips in small batches in kettles, and 100% hand cooked by our artisans.
Every chip has to be perfectly imperfect. It is curled or folded, but never flat. It is slightly brownish, as we minimally process them. To ensure that the chips have the crispiest crunchiest bite, we cook them in our signature style for a bite which is so unique, you won't find it in any other run-of-the-mill chips. Honestly regular chips don't even deserve to be called chips.
We cant wait for you to try them and become a believe like us. Go ahead order and fall in love with chips again.